Sunday, July 1, 2007

Seed packet humor

Yesterday got off to a somewhat inauspicious start.

Setting up the next round of scheduled seeding, I took a look at the spreadsheet, did some mental math, and started prepping 128's for broccoli, escarole, kale, and (yes, more) lettuce. This time, I remembered to double-check the "seeds per cell" column, determined not to make that particular mistake a second time.

Sometimes it's a challenge to find the required seeds in the plastic storage box. Despite the superior organization afforded by homemade cardboard dividers, rubber bands, and zip-lock bags, I'm convinced that the seed packets can and do render themselves invisible -- their idea of a little bit of farm humor at the volunteer helper's expense. Yesterday, I delegated the task to Justin's unsuspecting friend, Jill, warning her that I sometimes wonder if this could be a bizarre form of farm hazing.

Who knew that the seed packet labeled Broccoli Sessantina Grossa was actually broccoli rabe? Okay, who besides Gretta knew? If it's broccoli rabe, shouldn't it say so? I like broccoli rabe. And what's wrong with seeding enough broccoli rabe to feed the entire population of Belmont and Arlington?

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