Sunday, July 8, 2007

The pigweed is scary this year.

Normally, I like the instant gratification of hand-weeding -- being able to step back and appreciate the difference between the before and after. Yesterday morning we weeded a smallish area that looked like it should have taken all of 15 minutes to clear, but the pigweed was incredibly tenacious in its refusal to budge. Gretta said if you can't manage to pull the root out, you can clip it below the ground and the pigweed will rot and die. I don't know though, clippers may be a little too polite. I was thinking dynamite.

After wrestling with the pigweed, it felt good to switch to the comparatively contemplative task of seeding. I set myself up with the seed trays and packets, and improvised a chair from a couple of cinderblocks in the shade outside the hoop house. When Gretta saw me seeding with the tray in my lap, she brought over a plastic crate to use as a work table and instantly improved the ergonomics. Farming during the growing season is physical work, so you learn to look for ways to minimize the effort, limit discomfort, and give your body a break.

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